We have picked up a lot of gourmet items on our latest holiday and we were not that greedy to think about only ourselves!;) We bought this cute, typical French basket with lovely leather handles in Uzes and we kept filling it up with goodies for YOU!

Nous avons collecté beaucoup de petites choses gourmandes tres sympas pendant nos vacances et nous n'avons pas été égoistes!;) Nous avons acheté à Uzès ce petit panier typique du Sud de la France, et l'avons rempli pour VOUS!

What is inside the basket?

Voyons ce qu'il y a dedans:

a) "Les choco-biscuits": the beautiful kit to make your own "petit ecolier" type chocolate biscuits with chocolate molds, biscuit cutter and a book of 26 recipes

b) "El Avion Pimenton" - Spanish, smoked, hot paprika - lovely for some tapas

c) "Herbes de Provence" - the famous herb mix directly from Provence

d) "Kotanyi Mezes" - a lovely spice mix for honey cookies or any puddings or sweets that needs warm, fragrant spices - from Hungary

e) Hotu Vanilla - the original and most beautiful vanilla from the sacred island Raiatea from Tahiti

f) "Pierre Herme - Preparation for chocolat chaud" - hot chocolate mix from the maestro Pierre Herme himself - we stood in the line for 45 minutes in front of his Paris boutique for this!!

g) "Nougat de Montelimar" - the best nougat from the "nougat capital" since 1874

h) "Le Saunier de Camargue" Fleur de sel - the highly coveted "flower of salt" from the wild Camargue - beautiful in the salted butter caramel

i) "Pistou Provencal" - Provencal pesto with the most fragrant basil from the region

j) "Tieguanyin" tea - the "champagne" of the teas, the best quality "yellow" tea fresh from the Shanghai tea market, a must for tea connoisseurs

k) "El Artesano" - a lovely, soft nougat specialty from Spain

l) A lovely metal box to keep the spices and tea in it from Provence


a) "Les Choco-biscuits": un superbe ensemble pour réaliser vos propres petits écoliers, un biscuit français typique. Il comprend les moules, les cutters et un livre de 26 recettes 

b) 'El Avion Pimenton" - Un paprika Espagnol fumé et épiçé - Très bon pour certains tapas

c) Pas la peine de présenter les fameuses Herbes de Provence

d) "Kotanyi Mezes": un cocktail d'épices en provenance de Hongrie, utilisé pour la confection de biscuits et différents mets sucrés

e) "La vanille Hotu" : D'après moi, tout simplement la meilleure vanille du monde, en provenance directe de l'île de Raiatea

f) "Pierre Hermé - Preparation for chocolat chaud": Une préparation pour chocolat chaud élaborée par le maitre Pierre Hermé lui-même. Nous avons fait la queue 45' devant sa boutique à Paris pour cela !!!

g) Le Nougat de Montélimar, pas la peine de le présenter non plus,simplement le meilleur, en provenance directe de la capitale du Nougat depuis 1874

h) Le Saunier de Camargue, la très convoitée "Fleur de sel", idéale pour le caramel au beurre salé

i) Un Pistou provençal, parce que la Provence n'est rien sans son pistou et son arôme délicat de basilic

j) " ThéTieguanyin": Le champagne du thé, plus connu sous le nom de "thé jaune",en provenance directe d'un des meilleurs marché de thé de Shanghai. Un must pour les connaisseurs

k)" El Artesano" - le soft Touron d'Espagne

l) Une jolie boîte en métal decorée façon Provence pour garder vos épices et thé


To win the basket and all of its content, you just have to

- like our Facebook page by clicking on this link and then on the main "like" button on the top right hand side of the Facebook page  (if you already "like" it then you can go to the next step)


- leave a comment here below about which the item of the basket (or the basket itself?) that entices you the most ;)

Pour gagner ce panier joliment garni, il vous suffit de:

- Aimer notre page Facebook en cliquant sur ce link et ensuite sur le bouton "aime" situé en haut à droite de la page Facebook (si vous aimez déjà notre page, vous pouvez directement passer à l'étape suivante)


- Nous laisser un commentaire sur l'article de ce panier qui vous attire le plus (où le panier lui même?)

Deadline of the entries: 15.08.2013 (NZ time)

Winner announcement: 16.08.2013 (NZ time)

Date limite pour les entrées: 15 Août 2013 minuit (heure NZ)

Date pour l'annonce du gagnant: 16 Août 2013 (NZ) 



Bonne Chance!!


The winner will be selected by the random number generator. The giveaway competition is open to all "Chez les Meron" facebook followers, all around the world! The prize cannot be exchanged for money. If the winner does not claim the prize by sending us his postal address within 2 weeks of the announcement, then we will select another winner via the random number generator.

La gagnant sera sélectionné en générant un numéro au hasard. Cette compétition est ouverte à tous les amis de notre page Facebook "Chez les Meron", dans le monde entier! Le lot du gagnant ne peut pas être échangé contre de l'argent.  Si le gagnant ne réclame pas son lot en nous envoyant son adresse postale dans les 2 semaines suivants l'annonce, nous sélectionerons un nouveau gagnant en utilisant la même méthode.





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Raina Singh
4:25pm 5th August 2013

Oh my goodness, I have to choose just one?! They all look so amazing! Ooooooo... okay, the Pierre Hermes preparation pour chocolate chaud! But ALL of the items look absolutely exquisite :D

stephanie Desjardins
4:26pm 5th August 2013

Definitivement l'emporte pièce pour les petits écoliers! Mais le panier complet ferait l'affaire aussi! ;)

Zoe Chamel
4:43pm 5th August 2013

Wow It all looks so good!! I'd love present A as these are my absolute favourite!! After waiting a year for my darling husband to bring me some back from France he brought the wrong ones back, this way I could make the ones I want (and my girls of course) xxx

4:43pm 5th August 2013

Hotu Vanilla - the original and most beautiful vanilla from the sacred island Raiatea from Tahiti

4:47pm 5th August 2013

Definitely the "Les choco-biscuits" kit. Great for professional cookie in my kitchen.

4:56pm 5th August 2013

I would love the "Les choco-biscuits"kit for me, but also the tea for my husband, who loves tea. I could make him beautiful biscuits to drink with the champagne of teas!

5:32pm 5th August 2013

I go weak at the knees for nougat.. so have to say g!!! The best nougat? YES PLEASE! ♡

Kim Yue
5:34pm 5th August 2013

The wonderful chocolate chaud

Becky iona
5:42pm 5th August 2013

Definately a!

Fiona Tang
5:43pm 5th August 2013

I would love the Les chocolate biscuit kit please!!

Barbara Howell
5:44pm 5th August 2013

Hotu vanilla - divine

Pippa Nicholson
6:14pm 5th August 2013

f) "Pierre Herme - Preparation for chocolat chaud" - sounds divine

Deidre Jackson
6:25pm 5th August 2013

I would love to use the les choco-biscuits. I think my daughter and I would have a lot of fun making these.

Thanks for the opportunity.

6:57pm 5th August 2013

Wow! You are so generous to give away free goodies to those good lovers who can't make it to France themselves! That really is such a lovely thing to do. I'd absolutely adore every single thing in that basket, but the one that entices me most of all is: "Pierre Herme - Preparation for chocolat chaud". It sounds fantastic, and the effort you went to in order to get it just makes it that much more special. Thanks! -Alli

7:05pm 5th August 2013


but if i really really was made to choose I would choose~

a) "Les choco-biscuits": the beautiful kit to make your own "petit ecolier" type chocolate biscuits with chocolate molds, biscuit cutter and a book of 26 recipes

how can i not be amazed by its lovely moulds of paris

7:28pm 5th August 2013

How wonderful is Les choco-biscuit..and a delightful tin to put them in...but my favourite would be the nougat, a taste of France..

Mariann Trieber
8:05pm 5th August 2013

Cannot decide between the biscuits and the mezes kalacs fuszer... but probably the choco biscuit maker wins for me...

8:10pm 5th August 2013

Pierre herme's hot choc entices me the most!! Its so rare to find an amazing hot chocolate and i've been craving for one all winter!!! :D

8:12pm 5th August 2013

Hi there
I have to say the whole collection of goodies would be a wonderfully delicious prize. Each item outdoes the previous but the "champagne" of teas entices me the most.

Erika Todi
8:44pm 5th August 2013

Judith, the giveaway basket is just fantastic! Each and every item is a real gem to have- in saying that I would looooove to make my own petit ecolier- Yummm! But I must say the Tahitian vanilla was love at first sight! Not to mention the mezes kalacs fuszer ;-) good luck to the winner, fingers crossed for myself hehe

8:52pm 5th August 2013

Number a. Looks most enticing for me. What a great giveaway.

Jennifer Collinson
9:20pm 5th August 2013

Thank you for this chance to enter! f) "Pierre Hermé - Preparation for chocolat chaud" please! It will be wonderful to share this delicious treat.

Kylie Gibbon
9:44pm 5th August 2013

Wow Judit, what a generous prize! I would have to go for 'A', this is just absolutely gorgeous and I'd love to have a go at making some Paris Eiffel Tower biscuits with my 3 year old daughter, who is obsessed with the Eiffel Tower at the moment! Merci beaucoup :)

sarah buscema
10:47pm 5th August 2013

"A".... Please !!! Just so I can beat my sister Zoe Chamel...HE HE :) Sister rivalry but if I can't would love "f"...

11:39pm 5th August 2013

So hard to choose between so many wonderful things! I would love the kit for making my own petit écolier biscuits, but I don't think I could resist the smoked paprika or the tea from Shanghai! So generous of you to put this all together during your travels! I love the basket too...

Angie Trius
1:11am 6th August 2013

Thanks for this beautiful idea and for your generosity. Everything appeals to me and entices me: the bag that invites me to go to the street markets in Barcelona, the vanilla to make pannacotta, the paprika for a spicy chickpea stew, the spices for a summer BBQ, the tea to relax on my deck and the biscuit set to keep my daughter happy. Good luck to all!!!

Ann Clemance
12:34pm 6th August 2013

Awesome picnic basket of goodies to sit amongst the spring flowers with my son

Séverine Badel
7:13pm 6th August 2013

Very smart Les Meron !!! And generous as well to think about your fan club. I love the basket idea and all items are high quality, the lucky winner will certainly enjoy it a lot. Thanks to you.
So I choose the tea from China as it is something new to me and I love tea more and more everyday.

Alicia Belmont
11:12am 7th August 2013

OOHH LALA Les trésors de la France... I love it. I would like to use some of the treats for Christmas Eve and to share the rest with our friends during this special time of the year. Merci beaucoup

7:03pm 7th August 2013

Un cadeau magnifique! J'adore le panier pour faire mes courses au marche. Je voudrais utiliser les produits faire in repas (ou deux) pour l'anniversaire de mon partenaire le 28 aout. Merci pour votre generosite!

10:00pm 8th August 2013

the cookie stamps~~~~ VERY COOL~ ^-^

sophie addison
1:47am 11th August 2013

I would love to win this fabulous prize...fingers crossed...:)

Kessia Stevenson
6:10pm 11th August 2013

Oh it's so hard to choose, it all looks so divine! The lovely chocolate biscuit kit? The spice mix from Hungary? The beautiful Fleur de Sel? It's all so so tempting even down to the charming packaging but I think I must choose g) Nougat de Montelimar!

Thank you for putting the lovely competition together and sharing your special holiday and love of food with us all!

5:36pm 12th August 2013

I adore it all. I dream of travelling through Europe and I'm pretty sure my journey would mirror yours with all the food pictures. If I had to pick one it would be the cookie stamp

5:38pm 12th August 2013

Would love to win this!
h) "Le Saunier de Camargue" Fleur de sel - the highly coveted "flower of salt" from the wild Camargue - beautiful in the salted butter caramel

Julie Cavanagh
5:38pm 12th August 2013

Definitely the Les choco-biscuits kit, so gorgeous!

Melanie Kayes
5:39pm 12th August 2013

The whole basket? I am very tempted by the Tahitian vanilla. What a lovely thing for you to do :)

Brittany Smith
5:39pm 12th August 2013

My gosh it's hard to choose just one! The whole pamper looks amazing. However if I had to choose just one, I would have to choose the Les choco-biscuits making kit. Those type of french biscuits are my favourite of all time, and being able to make them would be awesome :)

Lisa R
5:48pm 12th August 2013

Pierre Hermes hot chocolate mix! oh my gosh, i would die for that

Tracey Koat
5:50pm 12th August 2013

a) Les choco-biscuits kit would have to be the most enticing for me. The finished product looks amazing, and I love the Paris mould. This is making me very hungry.

Michele Kueng
5:57pm 12th August 2013

I lived in Switzerland for a while and I use to buy biscuits that looked like these so would definitely love the kit to make my own. Happy memories :) Gorgeous prize.

Stacey Truong
6:03pm 12th August 2013

The "Nougat de Montelimar" is the most exciting thing for me, yummy

Vanessa Rehm
6:05pm 12th August 2013

Oh goodness me, how am I supposed to choose my favourite of these incredible looking goodies. Everything looks amazing and I would be SO excited to receive them all. The nougat would be special, as would the vanilla beans. Fingers crossed & thank you Judit for this opportunity to win such beautiful things.

Courtney keen
6:10pm 12th August 2013

The cookie kit is the most enticing I think

steph berry
6:10pm 12th August 2013

Love, love, love gift A

Aurelie Rivalant
6:12pm 12th August 2013

I love the metal box and the chocolate biscuit kit! And also the nougat. Oh and the Tahitian vanilla. Not to mention the hot chocolate...
Originally from France but now living in Australia, this makes me very homesick! Craving all these delicious things!

Alice Redhead
6:13pm 12th August 2013

"Nougat de Montelimar" been around for awhile so im guessing its got to be good.....

Aurelie Rivalant
6:15pm 12th August 2013

PS if I won this I would have it sent to my parents in Auckland... my dad is French and hasn't been back in a long time... I KNOW he would LOVE all these tasty items! And he could keep the box and biscuit kit for me :) :)

Elizabeth Boston
6:19pm 12th August 2013

How great France in a basket ,so hard to choose . I would love to try the nougat as I have been a nougat fan for the last 60 years but never tried this one

Julie Hart
6:21pm 12th August 2013

It it my parents 50th wedding anniversary shortly. This would make a lot of sumptuous treats to have on the day of their party

chloe joung
6:30pm 12th August 2013

Would love to visit france one day myself too. If I had to chose one.. mm.. maybe the hot chocolate from Pierre Herme. Lovrle to taste the hot chocolate thats worth a wait in line for 45minutes!

Denise Ho
6:42pm 12th August 2013

I have a PROBLEM. I have an urge to collect cookie cutters .. like cookie monsters with cookies .. I am the cookie cutters monster with cookie cutters .. I would love to win Les choco-biscuits set. I don't even care if I don't get the others .. I would share the whole basket .. but please let me get to that cookie cutter set ... and yes, I am seeing a psychologist about this .. ;)

Shona Todd
6:51pm 12th August 2013

Oh what to choose?? Everything looks and sounds great, although I think a) "Les choco-biscuits" looks like it could be a lot of fun to use.

Tiana L
7:10pm 12th August 2013

The Hotu Vanilla!! Ever since I took your macaron class I have been obsessed with the intensity and aroma of the Hotu vanilla pod. And the lovely story you told us about how you discovered the plantation was wonderful. My macarons are not the same without it!

Zita Menfoi
7:26pm 12th August 2013

A mezes fuszerkevereknek orulnek a legjobban!

Rebecca Doherty
7:50pm 12th August 2013

Hard to pick just one but... the Hotu Vanilla mmmmmm!

tracy allan
8:56pm 12th August 2013

its very hard to pick it all looks amazing but i would love either A or E please!!!

9:47pm 12th August 2013

the cookie moulds! adorable!

Jenny Lye
9:58pm 12th August 2013

♪ Oh it would have to be the cookie stamp and the beautiful tin! ♪

kirstan Alderton
10:10pm 12th August 2013

Everything looks fabulous and I would love it all. Number one though would have to be the chocolate chaud for reminiscing about 2 seasons in the French alps :-)

Alexis Ginsburg
12:20am 13th August 2013

Anything chocolate and French is worth having in you cupboard!

Judy Lea
8:57am 13th August 2013

I love baking with my Grandkids , they would adore the Les choco Biscuit kit , it looks fabulous.

Jane Moore
6:23pm 13th August 2013

The chocolat chaud!! Mmmmm I can taste it already and I've never tried it but it sounds absolutely Devine and anything from Pierre Hermé would be a dream come true. It would be perfect to save for Christmas Eve :)

Nadia Hawes
8:55pm 13th August 2013

Oh choices, Choices. I love everything! id have to choose the "Les choco-biscuits" kit. Something to inspire me creatively in my kitchen! Miam, Miam!

Jo Pannell
9:54pm 13th August 2013

O la la! The 'Les choco biscuits' kit! But EVERYTHING looks truly divine. Thanks for your beautifully inspirational pages... Tres jolie :-)

9:56am 14th August 2013

Les choco-biscuits if I had to pick only one :)

11:20am 14th August 2013

The Hotu Vanilla. What an amazing basket!

9:23am 16th August 2013

The Les Choco biscuits, the tahiti Vanilla (can't leave this out as I have seen it, felt it and tasted it!) and the basket!! Can't just say one!

Lina La
10:29am 16th August 2013 many amazing choices Judit! :D So hard to choose but will go for K) "El Artesano" - a lovely, soft nougat specialty from Spain

Sheryl Rowe
2:04pm 16th August 2013

What a lovely idea Judit :)
My pick would be the Hotu Vanilla of course!! But I am intrigued by & would LOVE to try the Kotanyi Mezes & the Fleur de sel. The chocolate biscuit kit is very cute too. Love baking!
My birthday's tomorrow - what an awesome treat this would make :)

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