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The new year of 2015 has started off with a flood of dreadful events worldwide so I thought to get a break from the media and burry myself in the soothing colours of our holiday photos from the paradisiac French Polynesian island, Moorea.

I kept postponing editing these photos mostly because I lost the best part of the images due to a very-very annoying technical glitch and also our underwater camera was not really performing at crucial moments...And that is still painful (life of a photo addict...)! Anyway, back to Paradise!


The lagoon in the backyard


Last October was our third trip to Tahiti and its islands. The first time we stayed at Bora Bora in a nice resort (just after the Christchurch earthquake, so we had the notion of "we only live once, lets enjoy it"), then we had an unforgettable family holiday with Tahitian friends in Moorea with visits to the main island and also to the sacred Raiatea island, the home of the best Tahitian vanilla. 


While staying first time in Moorea, we rented a beautiful, traditional, big villa on the lagoon front in Maharepa, which was comfortable for two families. Having a private access to the incredibly beautiful, blue lagoon full of colorful creatures in your backyard about six meters from the terrace of the house is magical! We lived there like the locals: did our shopping at the very French, Champion supermarket (plus some extra deliveries from Papeete, where you have hyper markets, with loads of delicacies from France) and the ubiquitous fruit and veggie stalls of the locals next to the main road, where you can get the freshest, sweetest, seasonal tropical fruits for very reasonable price. If you yourself cannot catch your fish (like Judit has had no luck with it so far) then you can still catch the fishermen returning with their boats and buy fish from them also next to the roads in the mornings and evenings. What else would you really need on holiday?

From the moment that we first sat down on the terrace with some punch (local rum, fresh pineapple juice from the nearby plantations, Tahitian vanilla, lime juice and some sugar syrup), tasting "poisson cru" (fresh tuna with fresh coconut milk, lime juice), the baked fei banana and the historically famous, grilled "uru", aka bread fruit while watching a dolphin pod swim in the turquoise water in front of us while the passion fruits were hanging on their vines from the tree branches above our table like a colorful still life, we were convinced that there was a Paradise on earth and we were right in the middle of it!


A little slide show about the famous uru, breadfruit that was originally the target of HMS Bounty that, in a nutshell, eventually got sidetracked by the beauty of Tahiti can be found here from our previous trip. 


Since the incredible adventures of the first trip to Moorea we have been completely converted from resort/hotel type of tourists to travelers who try their best to melt into the local scenery with all its customs and culture! The experience is just so much better and fulfilling not to mention that it will even come at a much reduced price, especially when you are sharing big villas with other families or friends! If you are keen on some resort comfort (on some small islands that might mean the only nice restaurants, spa or day trip services) you can still access them anytime you feel like!


After all this, it may not come as a surprise that we decided to go back to Moorea again and to rent a private villa last October. Our date was very close to the beginning of the wet season, so we had a few cloudy days (which just made the colors of the lagoon and its surrounding even more beautiful and out of this world) and we had one rainy day, which is not so much disturbing when the temperature is still warm.


After landing in the capital of Tahiti, Papeete, we routinely hired a car and did a (bit) LOT of a shopping at one of the big Carrefours (kilos of French cheese, chocolates, biscuits and some other very necessary food items) and the big market in Papeete (to be absolutely visited) before we took the 30 minutes ferry ride to Moorea so after arriving to the villa we could start with a traditional punch next to the swimming pool!


The rest of the story is on the photos ;)


Moorea, the sister island view from Papeete marina:


The villa and its surrounding in Moorea:



The best of the best is that the beach and lagoon was part of our private backyard:



...and: the sun was setting right in front of us!

If you like sunset photos as much as Judit, then here you can find more from this holiday ;)


During the days, you could mostly find us in the water, kayaking or snorkeling: the lagoon, which has the perfect temperature and mostly smooth surface provides an amazing and quite safe playground rich with colorful creatures that you can just keep staring at! One of the most relaxing activities! Note to ourselves: for our next tropical trip we need to get a good underwater camera!


One of the many friends of this Picasso trigger fish (photo from Pinterest) was our best buddy playing the "I will bite your nose if you come near my territory" game!



Judit took a boat excursion with expert locals to see the humpback whales, these majestic, gentle giants of the ocean!  This adventure is wholeheartedly recommended in season! Swimming next to these whales can top the best of the best snorkeling experience! As for Judit, that was the day when it was raining so the only camera that could be used was the less than perfect underwater one, so here are just a few...


The colors of the lagoon at the departure:

Photos from the boat:


Other than water related activities on the island:

- driving around the one and only main road

- visiting the pineapple fields and the juice factory where you can sample and buy fruit juices and liqueurs

- visiting the Lycée Professionel Agricole d'Opunohu Moorea where you can enjoy some of their produce in juice, ice cream or jam form

- enjoying the view of the two bays from the Belvedere point (hiking or driving there)

- enjoy a Tahitian picnic with local specialties (see the tourist agencies if you have not managed to strike up a friendship with the locals)

- visit Tahiti Aromes as part of the Route de Monoi for stocking up on the beautiful, artisan made oils good for the hair, skin and soul



If Moorea interests you and you have questions about it just write in the comments below and we will do our best to answer you (with the help of Tahitian friends ;)












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