Macaron classes Chez les Meron!



Just before I share the details of the long awaited re-start of the MACARON classes, I give you a bit of an update of what has been happening here while I was MIA for a while...


We have comfortably settled in at our new place and been enjoying it: no more damp cold, wind singing through the window frames and hideous electricity bills for heating the whole street in our futile efforts of warming the rooms with no insulations! 


In another post I will show some photos of our new home, but now back to the sweet business! As most of you know, by upgrading our home, I lost my "baking cave", my professional kitchen that was so conveniently located inside. It was a difficult decision to make, but thinking of our future family move, I thought that it was ok to let it go already...


I have not managed to find a suitable professional kitchen to rent on a casual base from where I could supply all the lovely macaron friends and addicts :( If you know anything, please let me know - I am looking to bake macarons there only. However, on the bright side, I can have macaron classes in my new home kitchen! 


The very best advantage for you: you will see and learn the making of macarons in a standard home kitchen with an ordinary, non-professional oven!

Look at this beauty we made here the first time:


If that is tempting to you then here are the details:



-23 August, Saturday 10am

-28 August, Thursday 6pm

-30 August, Saturday 2pm

-6 September, Saturday 2pm

-13 September, Saturday 10am



Remuera (exact address will be supplied)



$79 per person - including the minimum 10 macarons to bring home/eat up 


The classes are about 3 hours, hands on where you will part take in all the major steps to create the perfect Parisian macaron!


BOOKINGS/more info:


Please contact me for availability and conditions on private macaron classes at my or your kitchen! 
















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