Apple and salted butter caramel pie

This pie was just the perfect remedy after returning from the summer holiday in France back to winter Down Under! Apple and caramel goes together so perfectly that maybe only a bit of vanilla ice cream or custard can lift them up even a bit higher!

Please find the salted butter caramel recipe here and the pie crust recipe needed for this dessert is here.

Some extra photos of the preparation you can find here.


1 quantity of salted butter caramel 1 quantity of pie crust with sour cream 5-6 apples (baking type) 5 tbsp of fine semolina 3 tsp of ground cinnamon 1 egg whisked for egg wash


Peel, core and slice your apple. Mix the semolina with the cinnamon. Butter your pie form and roll out and place one half of the pie crust dough in it. Sprinkle it with half of the semolina and cinnamon mix (the semolina will help to soak up the apple juice and not make the base of the pie soggy) and then arrange the apples inside and sprinkle the rest of the semolina mix on it. Take about half of the caramel (preferable at room temperature by this stage) and drizzle on top and around. Cover it with the other half of the rolled out pie crust dough putting a bit of the egg wash on the top of the side of the bottom dough to help to seal. You can squeeze down the edges with the fork. Make a small cross incision on the middle of the top to let the steam get out. You can decorate with some leftover dough. Give it an egg wash and put it into the preheated 180 C degree oven for about 50-60 minutes. The crust needs to become golden and the apple softened but not mushy. Serve it with extra caramel and some good vanilla ice cream! ENJOY!!
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