Catalan tomato bread (pa amb tomàquet)

Our family favourite ever since tasting them in Barcelona! This is one of those rare, geniusly simple and addictive foods out there. We are having this iconic Catalan food for breakfast quite often and it brings back the summer, sunshine and lots of happy memories! As with every simple recipe, to enjoy it the most, you need to use the best possible quality raw materials!

(The photo is from the picture hanging in our kitchen in the South of France: we never really noticed what it was depicting so beautifully up until now!) 


- a few slices of rustic bread toasted (no sliced bread would do here, it needs to be a solid crumb consistency, minimum baguette type) - one clove of garlic - a few, nicely ripe, juicy tomatoes (vine tomatoes are perfect) - good quality olive oil - salt


Rub the toasts very-very lightly with the garlic - you do not want to overpower the taste, just give a nice undertone. Cut the tomatoes into half and rub them on the bread so that the juice, flesh and seeds would soak into them. Sprinkle a bit of salt and a nit of olive oil on top and you are good to go! You can add extras for special occasions like jamon iberico!
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