Cheese slice with blueberries (Rákóczi túrós)

This Hungarian slice has been always a favourite of mine. The original version has a lovely, buttery linzer at the bottom, then a sweet cottage cheese layer and then meringue and apricot jam stripes on the top. As we have loads of blueberries now from PYO Blueberry Country, I decided to replace the top apricot jam with the fresh blueberries. They are not just beautiful as little black pearls on the top, but also give a nice taste twist to a classic sweet.

In case you cannot get hold of cottage cheese - or you do not fancy it - you can always replace it with cream cheese!



For the base dough: 300g standard flour 200g butter 100g icing sugar For the cheese cream: 1000g cottage cheese 200g sugar 1 egg 100g fine semolina 1 lemon - only the finely grated zest of it For the meringue: 4 egg whites 100g sugar 2 tbsp of apricot jam (or blueberry jam) 4 small packs of blueberries (for the original version without blueberries, you need about 200g of apricot jam)


For this quantity I used a 20X30 cm pan, but you can use a patisserie square, too, so the cutting will be easier. Preheat the oven to 200C degree. For the dough, which is a classic linzer, you just need to work the ingredients together (at room temperature) until it forms a ball (do not overwork it). You do not need egg, but if you think it helps then you can add 1 egg to it. Roll the dough out into the shape of your pan or square for about 8-10mm thick and bake it for about 10-12 minutes until it is light golden. Let it cool a bit. While it is baking put all the ingredients of the cheese cream into a mixer and whip it well together. On the slightly cooled linzer spread 2 tbsp of apricot jam (or a jam of your choice, but the tanginess of the apricot goes very well with this cake) on the top (pls see photo above) then spread on top the chesse filling and put it back to the oven at 180C degree for about 30 minutes. It is ready when you touch the top of the cheese cream and it does not stick to your finger. Let it cool a bit again. Prepare the meringue: beat the room temperature egg whites till about half ready and then slowly add the sugar and beat until it forms a hard peak. Fill it in a patisserie bag and pipe thick tubes about 3cm from each other on the top of the cheese cream (pls see photo above). Fill the in between spaces with blueberries (or pipe the apricot jam there for the classic version) and put it back in the oven at 200C for about 20 minutes. I was in a rush to finish the cake up so I ended up taking it out of the oven way before the meringue was ready, so I ended up using a chef`s torch on the meringue tubes, which preserved my blueberries well. You can go for either way time and equipment allowed! Let it cool and slice it up with a warm knife into squares. Enjoy!
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