Chicken noodle soup

There are not many things that a lovely chicken noodle soup could not cure! That I can safely say from experience! If anyone has a cold, soar tummy, heart ache or just need some extra comfort, we cook some Asian inspired chicken noodle soup with lots of garlic, ginger, a bit of chili and sesame oil and coriander and all is going to turn out good! We use our favourite Asian ingredients, but feel free to adjust it with yours if that is different. The base stock can be turned into so many ways!

We love it with lots of thin noodles (rice or egg noodles), which, together with the chicken meat and the veggies, make it a one bowl meal.




1 whole free range chicken 2 medium sized carrots peeled and cut into two 1 medium sized onion, one level of skin peeled and a cross cut into it till about the middle a piece of ginger (about 2cm long, peeled) 3+1 tbsp soy sauce 2 tbsp mirin sauce (Japanese seasoning, lovely to bring balanced sweetness and helps the caramelization of the meat) 3-4 cloves of garlic chili (according to how much heat you want) 1 pack of noodles of your choice (I cook for the four of us a 375g pack of thin, egg noodles) 1 pack of bok choy (or broccolini, spinach, Chinese cabbage or your choice of green) 1 small pack of mung bean sprouts spring onion chopped and bunch of coriander leaves to decorate plus for the extra taste sesame oil (few drops per bowl) crushed peanut/nuts optional for the top salt and pepper


Cut the breast meats and the top thigh meats off from the chicken and put the rest in a stock pan covered with cold water. Add the yellow onion, carrots, ginger, one tablespoon of soy sauce, a pinch of salt, pepper and bring it to the boil. Remove the foam from the top and turn the heat down to simmer the stock for about an hour. Take the chicken out and shred any meat left on it, set aside and discard the bones. Take out all the other bits and pieces from the stock, save only the carrots. Sieve the soup to have a clear broth, set it aside. While the stock is being cooked, cut up the chicken meat pieces into cubes and marinate them with the crushed garlic, the rest of the soy sauce, the mirin and the chili. Blanche the washed and chopped bok choy (or other greens) and the sprouts separately in boiling water for a little less than a minute, take them out and set aside. Cook the noodles in boiling, salted water per instructions then sieve and set aside. When the stock is ready and you want to serve the soup then fry the marinated meat pieces in a skillet until a bit caramelized (if there is any marinade left then you can pour on the meat at the end and fry the meat with it for a few more seconds). Reheat the stock and adjust seasoning. To assemble: put the noodles at the bottom of the individual serving bowl, put some of the fried and the cooked-shredded meat on the top left side, put some of the blanched veggies on the right side, top it with some sprouts then spring onion and coriander. Drizzle a few drops of sesame oil on top and pour some hot soup on top. Optionally you can put the crashed nuts also on top. Enjoy!
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