Linzer tartlet biscuits

The idea of these little biscuit tartlets came to me seeing some nice French biscuits with real strawberries on the top a while ago. As one of our favourite biscuits is the buttery, smooth textured linzer and right now we are in the peak of sumer with its abundance of juicy fruits, these little "tutti frutti" tartlets were born with them!

The texture and the taste is an awesome combination and they look pretty and very appetizing, which helps a lot as you cannot keep the ones with fresh fruit for long...

The variations are limited only by our imagination and available ingredients! You can try adding some nuts, too! 



For about 40 pcs of 7cm diameter biscuits: 300g of standard flour 200g of butter 100g of icing sugar 1 egg Fresh or dried fruit(s) or nuts and matching jam(s) of your choice


Prepare the linzer dough by working the butter into the flour and icing sugar mix then add the egg. You just need to bring it all together in a ball, do not overwork it! Chill the wrapped dough in the fridge for about 30 minutes then roll it out about 5mm thick and cut out the biscuits (the linzer dough is quite fragile, you might need a spatula or a big knife to get under the shape and lift it on the baking tray). You can use baking paper on your tray or just grease and flour it before putting the cut out biscuits on it. Heat the oven to 180C degree. Put a small teaspoon full of your chosen jam on the top of the circle and add the fruit (nuts) in your chosen variations unit all is done. Bake the biscuits for 10-12 minutes until it is baked through but the linzer is not coloring yet. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee! The ones with fresh fruit will last only one day, the others with dried fruits and nuts can go for a few more if not finished before.
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