Raw blueberry jam

I have seen the concept of raw jam popping up lately everywhere, so when we had a LOT of blueberries from a PYO garden, I decided to try it! The concept of having a spreadable fruit the was not cooked so it preserves all the goodness of it plus the sugar content is not that high as that of the traditional jams and it comes from raw honey, is pretty appealing! Using chia seeds as jellifying agent is great and the taste is excellent! The only drawback - compared to the traditional version - is the shelflife, which is only 2 weeks in the fridge, but can last 6 months in the freezer...

To me it does not replace the classic bluberry jam, but it is an additional opportunity to enjoy fruits in a different, healthy way! I will try it with other seasonal fruits, too.


The proportion of the raw jam ingredients is coming from www.stepintomygreenworld.com. 


2 cups of blueberries 1 tbs of chia seeds soaked in 2tbsp of water for a few minutes 1 tbsp of raw honey


Put all the ingredients in the blender and blitz it for a couple of minutes! Put it in a clean jar and keep it in the fridge. Enjoy! (It keeps for 2 weeks in the fridge and for 6 months in the freezer!)
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