Salted butter caramel

This is a staple sweet at our home as it is going so well with so many things like pancakes, cupcakes, spongecakes, chocolate cakes, sauce for puddings, glazing buns, dipping fruits and nuts and you name it! Extra portions can be put in jars and kept in fridge for a couple of weeks.

The texture, how liquid or firm the caramel depends on the amount of cream you add to it. This recipe results in a thick but flowing texture at room temperature.

The preparation is fairly simple, but as you will be handling extremely hot sugar, please take every precautions possible and do not let yourself be distracted to avoid accidents!!  


500 g standard sugar 50 ml water 100 g salted butter 300 ml cream some extra sea salt flakes, optionally


Put the sugar and water into a heavy based pan and on slow heat dissolve the sugar. Brush the side of the pan with water , or alternatively put on the lid so that the steam washes down the sugar from the side as this would burn pretty quickly there. Increase the heat and without stirring(!) bring it to boil. Let it boil - still without stirring - until the liquid turns into a golden amber color (if you have a sugar thermometer: at 170-175 C degree). Take it off from the heat and stir in the butter then the cream. It will splash everywhere, so please be careful! Put it back on the small fire for a couple more minutes and stir it gently until it all comes together and the caramel covers the back of the spoon when you lift it up. The ONLY way to taste it when it is ready - as it can boil your tongue off - to put a few drops on a clean plate and wait a bit that it cools down! If you find that the saltiness is not enough then you can add some salt crystal to it. You can use it at room temperature or you can warm it up (if it gets too thick then you can melt some more cream into it). ENJOY!!
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