Speculoos - cookie cream butter

Speculoos is a lovely, spiced up shortbread type of cookie that originates from the Christmas traditions of Holland and Belgium, but now has its own year around cult all over the world. So much so, that its characteristic taste profile has been recreated in a spreadable cream form, too, standing next to such icons like Nutella, peanut butters, caramel spreads and other creams and butters that can transform a piece of bread into heavenly delight! Not to mention them being a compulsory accessories for pancake parties, plus great ingredients to several sweet treats.


One of the main reasons for us to take some place for a few jars in our luggage coming back from Europe is that this is a nut free confectionery, so our little Lili can enjoy it, too. And she truly does! ;)


Having run out of it recently and discovering some imported Speculoos biscuits on the shelves of some big supermarkets in Auckland, I thought I would give a go to try to recreate it.

I browsed loads of recipes, but was a bit put off with the use of condensed milk and some heavy fats. Then why eating my breakfast toast with almond butter, lightning in my brain struck! First attempt was a real good one and I am really happy to change the fat ingredient part to a healthier option! It is not just nutritionally better and enhances the spicy profile but its creaminess is lifting it up to another dimension!


I used our own home made almond butter (you toast and whizz the blanched almonds or ready almond meals in your mixer until it turns into butter - much more affordable than the shop bought butter), but any good brand would do.



120g Speculoos biscuit 70ml milk 1 tbsp of honey 3 heaped tbsp of almond butter


Make a very fine crumble of the cookies in a mixer while warm up the milk and the honey together. Add the warm liquid to the crumbles, mix again then add the almond butter and mix until smooth. Put it in a sterilized jar. It will firm up a bit but stays very creamy, spreadable after cooling down. Use it on a slice of bread, pancakes, in ice creams or with whatever your creativity tells you! ;)
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