Thai style pomelo salad

On a hot summer day, I was doing veggie shopping when I discovered some nice looking, big pomelos in the corner. It is rare to find even imported ones here, so I jumped on the occasion and bought one. Hubby and I love it as it is, but I remembered a lovely salad that we had on a Thai holiday long time ago. I did a one day cooking course in Koh Samui and this was one of the courses we prepared. I dug up those notes from long time ago and got down to it. Luckily, we have a small kaffir lime tree in a pot, which I bought a few years ago just to be sure to always have this amazing aromatics should we fancy Thai food! You may find it fresh or frozen at Asian groceries.


Hubby had a long day in the in the offices and then played tennis in the evening heat, so when he got home, this light, refreshing and full of flavour salad was just what he was dreaming about!! I quickly earned some brownie points! ;)


1 pomelo cleaned completely from the fibers in bite size pieces 300g prawns - freshly cooked 2 tbsp of oil 1 chili chopped (deseeded if you do not want all the heat of it) 2 cloves of garlic finely minced 4 kaffir lime leaves finely chopped (peel off the main fibre string from the middle before chopping) 2 big shallots finally chopped 4 tbsp of lime juice 2 tbsp of water 3 tbsp of fish sauce 2 tbsp raw sugar 1 tbsp of chopped Thai basil Optional: 2 tbsp of deep fried onion (you can buy it ready made at Asian groceries) a handful of cashew nuts or peanuts (as we have allergy in the family and we love coconut, I used flakes of it instead)


Put the bite size pieces of pomelo on the serving plate and set aside. Mix the lime juice, water, oil, fish sauce and sugar in a pot and bring it to boil. Add the chili, garlic and shallots for a couple of minutes then add the prawns and take it off the heat and add the kaffir lime leaves. When it cools a bit add the basil, too and pour over the pomelo on the plate. Put on top the fried onion and nuts if using any and serve!
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