Watermelon sorbet

Watermelon is a happy fruit for me! My earliest summer memories include visions of big family lunches in the lush, green garden heavy with still, hot air that is scented with the perfume of freshly sliced, perfectly chilled, sweet and juicy watermelon.

Their thirst quenching ability is excellent providing a good way of hydration. They are also addictive, so you mostly stop eating them - at least I do - when literally not one more drop would physically fit in your bursting tummy! 

Luckily, the kids share my love of watermelon and they really appreciate the sorbet with it. To increase a bit the refreshing aspect, I like to infuse a touch of a fresh mint in it.


1 small size watermelon 1/2 of lemon - the juice of it 1/4 cup of honey 2 tbsp water small bunch of fresh mint leaves


In a small pot mix the honey and water and bring it to boil. As soon as it boils, stop the heat and put the mint in it and let it cool and infuse. Cut the watermelon in small pieces (taking off the green skin) and in a blender or a juicer (plus a sieve with the first option) squeeze out all the liquid. Mix in the lemon juice and the infused honey syrup, without the mint leaves. You can play with the quantity of honey syrup and lemon depending how sweet your melon is. Put this liquid into an ice cream maker and proceed by the machine`s instructions, or, you can pour it into a container which you can freeze and every 2-3 hours break it up by fork until the good texture is achieved, or simply pour it into ice block moulds and freeze them. Enjoy! Ps: for special occasions, for adults only, you can mix in - before freezing - some vodka or other preferred alcohol for an iced cocktail!
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