Villa la Table Longue - The beginning - Le début

Oct 21, 2015

It has been almost a year now that the final purchase papers have been signed on our holiday home in Sablet, Villa la Table Longue - and what a year it has been! We thought that fighting through…

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Holiday in Paradise - Moorea/Tahiti

Jan 11, 2015

    The new year of 2015 has started off with a flood of dreadful events worldwide so I thought to get a break from the media and burry myself in the soothing colours of our holiday…

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Macaron classes Chez les Meron!

Aug 12, 2014

    Just before I share the details of the long awaited re-start of the MACARON classes, I give you a bit of an update of what has been happening here while I was MIA for a…

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Life is...

May 13, 2014

I keep thinking about this John Lennon quote quite often lately! I have not really talked about the reason why on the blog yet, I was waiting for this constantly evolving situation to clear up a…

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South Island Magic - TranzAlpine ride (III)

Mar 15, 2014

After many trips to the unlimitedly spectacular South Island, we can safely say that one of the highlights for us was the ride on the TranzAlpine train from Greymouth to Christchurch! What a stunning…

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South Island Magic - Fox Glacier (II)

Mar 10, 2014

As currently I (Judit) am in Hungary, as a stop over before getting to the South of France for family business, these photos and souvenirs of our recent South Island holiday. It looks - if it is…

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Magical South Island - West Coast trip (I)

Mar 5, 2014

    After our European trip last summer (on the Northern hemisphere), we could not wait for summer to arrive here in Down Under, too. Summer, more precisely when the weather is warm…

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Heat wave in Shanghai

Mar 4, 2014

For our way back to Down Under, we had planned to stop over in Shanghai to visit friends and have some real good Chinese food. After the sudden and quite tiring heat wave of Paris, we felt great on…

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"Sous le ciel de Paris" - kid friendly

Mar 4, 2014

During our long week end trip in Paris, in the extreme heat, we have dragged the kids from one culinary points to another, but worry not, we thought about them, too, almost half of the programs were…

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"Sous le ciel de Paris" - The spices

Mar 1, 2014

                                Guilty as charged! Our blog has been…

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Salted butter caramel candy

Oct 4, 2013

We have been making and eating salted butter caramel as a sauce for long time, but receiving a box of it as a candy  made me think to try to make it at home. It is pretty simple, very…

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"Sous le ciel de Paris" - day 1

Sep 17, 2013

Our trip to Paris was very-very intense for several reasons. First of all, we felt a bit sorry for ourselves as it meant the end of our lovely holiday in the South of France, we had to leave behind…

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Chez les Meron - the priceless souvenir! - Un souvenir inestimable!

Aug 31, 2013

We are those two feet on the ground sort of people, who appreciate everything nice that life has to offer, being constantly aware that to achieve and maintain a happy family life comes with a lot of…

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"Farci niçois" à la Tata Mimi - recipe

Aug 25, 2013

After Mougins and Grasse, we drove all the way to Nice to visit Tata Mimi (sister of Vincent`s dad) and her family. Nice or "Nice la Belle", is one of the popular pearls of the Cote d`Azur…

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A fragrant visit - Grasse/Une visite parfumée - Grasse

Aug 21, 2013

Being fully re-charged in the gorgeous Mougins, we took our way towards Tata Mimi, Vincent's godmother who lives in Nice with her family. She heard that we were in the neighbourhood so there was…

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Voyage en amoureux - Mougins

Aug 13, 2013

We spent the very hot day of the 14th of July with family at the grandparents and then we returned to our little home in Sabran - sans children!! Then we quickly took to the road, direction Cannes,…

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Festival d`Avignon

Aug 8, 2013

  Continuing on the week end with friends story in the South of France, we left Sarrians Sunday morning, to head to the gorgeous city of the popes, Avignon. The day was started in a magnificent…

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Aug 5, 2013

We have picked up a lot of gourmet items on our latest holiday and we were not that greedy to think about only ourselves!;) We bought this cute, typical French basket with lovely leather handles in…

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Postcards from Sarrians - magical garden/ Cartes postales de Sarrians

Jul 31, 2013

It has become a ritual now that during our yearly French trip we meet friends and their families from hubby`s university days. The 3 days "bamboula", or party in English starts on a Friday…

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Barcelona - part II/ Barcelone - 2ème partie

Jul 12, 2013

  If the first part about our trip to Barcelona gave you the impression that we were eating too much in two days then prepare yourself: the amount of breathtakingly beautiful things…

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Eating up Barcelona - part I/Le festin à Barcelone - 1ère partie

Jul 9, 2013

  This holiday has been a joyful gourmet trip so far - with 20 000 calories on average per person per day – including a week end eating and discovering Barcelona! It has been a long…

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Jun 27, 2013

Millie, the lamb from New Zealand has arrived - in our suitcase - to France! She just loves her new place!! It took her two entire days to get here... The word exhausting does not even cover how the…

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The not-so-humble lentils / Les lentilles royales

Jun 18, 2013

The arrival of the cold weather has only one comfort for us: comfort food! ;) Flavorsome hot pots, rich soups, slowly cooked stews and casseroles are all back on the family menu. When it is raining,…

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Taste of Vanuatu/Les saveurs de Vanuatu

Jun 17, 2013

About two months ago we visited Vanuatu for a family holiday. While we are living in New Zealand we try to discover as many Pacific islands as we can, taking advantage of the shortest flight…

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The very first / Le tout début

May 30, 2013

Welcome, bienvenu, üdvözlünk! Before you read further, please check if this blog is suitable for you and that is if you can tick any of the following criteria: you love…

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